Camo’d all Out


I cannot get enough of the camo trend! I love the fact that I can wear this camo coat with literally anything. Every time I wear it, the look is completely different. As I’ve said before, there are countless ways to style a camo piece. This day, I chose to go with a classic street wear look and paired it with this cold shoulder top, light wash ripped jeans, and my military-style Nike Air Forces. The sneakers are the perfect pair with camoflauge, since there is something so hardcore and tough about them. The oversized fit to the coat gives anything that is styled with it an urban look., and of course I had to add color-blocking, as it is has become an essential of my style. The wash on these jeans complements the tan and the ripped detail in them takes this street look even further! This look is perfect for any laid back day where you want to be casual and comfortable, yet feel put-together in case plans pop up. The camo trend has been back for a while now, and it doesn’t look it is going anywhere any time soon! It is an added bonus to any look and it will make you look like a total rebel. If you don’t own anything camo yet, what are you waiting for?! Your wardrobe is missing out!




2018 Academy Awards: It’s All About the Arms

The 2018 Academy Awards has some interesting looks to say the least. One trend I picked up on and just so happened to love was the details in the sleeves. Volume, asymmetry, length…these looks made my inner designer go crazy! Sleeves are such an important part of a look, and can sometimes get lost or overlooked in designing evening wear. In all of these looks, the sleeves are what takes them to the next level. Otherwise, the looks would be mediocre. Out of all of these masterpieces, I feel like Audra Day was definitely at the top of my “best dressed” list. Her off-the-shoulder Zac Posen dress was absolutely beautiful. The drape of this dress is so graceful and effortless. The sleeves are the cherry on top and Audra takes the cake!

NYFW Fall 2018: Duro Olowu


Duro Olowu is the definition of who I want to be as a designer. He is the King of mixing and matching prints and can do no wrong in my eyes. Olowu’s Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection was inspired by singer, Pauline Black, whose music is a mix of the genres ska and punk. This collection definitely has rhythm and evokes energy! His silhouettes are so crisp and clean, which is the perfect complement to his bold use of prints and colors. The boxy A-line shapes remind me of my favorite decade, the 60s, which was all about fun. There is a certain level of sophistication and maturity, yet playfulness and youthfulness that Olowu is able to master and balance every single time he designs. These looks are artwork that I could never get tired of looking at. The way he is able to use so many prints and have them all be so cohesive is what makes him stand out as a designer. Job well done, yet again, Olowu.

NYFW Fall 2018: Jeremy Scott


Jeremy Scott’s collections for Moschino always speak for themselves. His sci-fi inspired Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection was all fun and fantasy. Jeremy Scott is NEVER boring and always lights up the runway with his bright color palettes. At first, I was skeptical of this collection because I think sci-fi is such a cliche concept in fashion and the first thing you think of when you hear “sci-fi” is metallics. But, leave it to Scott to take any concept to the next level and beyond. I think this collection was refreshing to see! Sci-fi has been done a million times, but not in this fashion, no pun intended. His designs are borderline avant-garde and that is what makes them stand out. He didn’t just put a bunch of metallic dresses on the runway and call it sci-fi. He took the moon boot to the next level, putting this neon fur on top of it and making it thigh-high! He added neon colors and The styling of the models is impeccable from head to toe! Neon wigs, and exaggerated winged liner…I’m obsessed! I love how Jeremy Scott is not afraid to push boundaries and be over-the-top. He even said in an interview, “There’s so much serious shit going on in the world, the last thing I wanna be is another one of them”. This made me gain an even bigger appreciation for him and his work.

NYFW Fall 2018: Christian Siriano



Lo and behold, Christian Siriano knocks us out of our heels again! He never fails to surprise me! In his Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collection, Siriano celebrated the women’s body and the power behind it with his feminine silhouettes. A lot of his inspiration came from the “Me Too” movement, which was incorporated into the collection through printed scripts on some of his garments. The fabrication and the different color palettes he used in this collection are absolutely stunning! His aesthetic combines evening wear with streetwear, which gives his looks so much edge and boldness. It is so elegant, yet so sexy, and I think the important takeaway is that as a woman, you can be both. My favorite thing about the entire collection and him as a designer is the fact that he celebrates women of all shapes and sizes and shows this through having a diverse set of models. Siriano gets femininity and uses it to emphasize the beauty and authenticity in the women’s body.

Birthday Slay

BLZT2831.JPGProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetIMG_6316

Being a Valentines Day baby is always hard. Restaurants are crowded. Everyone is special on your special day. Instead of going out for dinner, my boyfriend and I decided to do breakfast, and of course I had to slay on my day! I am obsessed with the off-the-shoulder look and found this button down at an amazing price! I am all about ballin on a budget…even on my birthday. The shirt seemed so plain and basic, so I was on the hunt to find a corset belt to take it to the next level. I happened to find one with embroidered roses on it. I was not intentionally trying to be cliche on Valentine’s Day, but I loved the pop of red on the belt and the triangular silhouette of it. Since my top was longline, I decided to wear my crushed velvet thigh highs, which also brought out the black belt. Black jeans are my go-to, but I wanted to make this look more daytime appropriate and wear light gray jeans instead. This also helped the boots stand out and not blend in with my jeans. Off-the-shoulder tops are so fun and flirty and there are so many ways to style them!

Get the Look:

Off-the-Shoulder Top ($12): Forever 21

Light Gray Jeans ($39): A&F

Corset Belt ($6.99): Rainbow, similar here

Crushed Velvet Thigh Highs ($25): Local boutique, similar here


“No Makeup” Movement


Alicia Keys made her first debut wearing a bare-face on the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, which sparked a lot of controversy. Some women found the movement to be shameful to those that are frequent makeup wearers and found it to be anti-makeup in sentiment. The “No Makeup Movement” was started to do the opposite of that. Alicia even addressed the backlash shortly after by tweeting a makeup-less selfie with the caption, “Y’all, me choosing to be makeup free doesn’t mean I’m anti-makeup. Do you!”. This tweet reveals that Alicia Keys was not makeup shaming and simply made the decision to stop wearing makeup, as she has the right to do. People always assume celebrities always have an agenda, when we forget that they are normal people just like us and they are not always trying to be controversial. It seems to me like Alicia Keys wanted to start a conversation, not pit makeup wearers and non-makeup wearers against one another.

As someone who loves a bare face as much as I love a “full beat”, I think the movement was started to give women the courage to embrace their flaws and feel comfortable in their own skin. Social media plays a large role in the need to have a movement like such. When you go on Instagram, you see women who social media calls “Instagram baddies” with a full face of make-up. They set the “standard” for what women should look like on social media because these are the types of images that get the most views and likes. This can cause women, especially teens and young women, to feel insecure and like they have to live up to this made up standard social media set for them. Alicia Keys may have caused some uproar, but the important takeaway is that she has started a movement that empowers women and allows them to set their own standards for beauty. Set your own standards and flaunt them unapologetically. I am 100% here for the “No Makeup” Movement!