Classic Holiday Glam

Snapchat-5445319361867186132 (1)

Holiday glam is in the air! My idea of a classic holiday makeup/glam look is a gold eyeshadow and a red lip. That is what inspired me to do this look for the holiday party. I used my Maybelline Nude palette for a gold glittery eyeshadow and brown crease. The winged liner completed the eyes and made the eyeshadow pop. For my lips, I used a wine color called LAX by Colourpop. I chose not to go with a bright red lip because the darker shade complemented the dress well and also was geared more toward an evening look. My favorite part was strobing;  I used “Wisp” by Coloupop above my contour lines, on my nose, under my eyebrow arch, and on my Cupid’s bow. I added a lot of this highlight for a glowy finish. The holiday season is a perfect time for extreme highlighting and glowing! It makes the look stand out even more and adds to the dress. Like always, the makeup completed the holiday look.


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