Cute and Comfy

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Going out doesn’t mean you have to be uncomfortable. In fact, I always try to find outfits that are comfortable, especially shoes. I was extremely bloated this night, so I knew I wanted to tie a shirt around my waist to conceal it. My high waisted leggings were a thermal knit- so they were extremely stretchy and comfy. When you are bloated, it is best to wear bottoms with a drawstring waist, so that you can adjust the tightness. I found an olive top, so I decided to wear my oversized camo button down I got from Forever 21 recently. Camo will always be trendy and you can wear it with almost anything. The great thing about having an oversized top around your waist is that you can use it as a jacket, so you con’t have to worry about taking one out with you. It also gives you two outfits in one- one with the top on and one with the top around your waist. Two totally different looks with the same pieces. Lastly, I wore my favorite booties- the most comfortable heels I own. My feet didn’t hurt at all after an entire night of dancing and walking! I also own  pair of high top olive vans that would have gone perfectly with this look as well, but I wanted to wear booties since I was going out. The great thing about an outfit like this is that you can dress it up or down and have two different outfits in one night.

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