Pretty in Pink…and Black and White

Facetune_04-02-2018-19-40-11Facetune_08-02-2018-19-01-57Facetune_08-02-2018-18-58-44Brunch is the perfect occasion to dress up and be bougie! My wardobe consists of mostly casual pieces, so I had to be creative with this look. I love this satin spaghetti strap top that I bought over the summer. It can be dressed up or down and it has a beautiful cut to it. These striped pants complemented the top so well that I knew I wanted to pair the two. But, it’s now winter and when wearing pieces that are more suitable for the warmer months, you must make the look season appropriate. I’ve had this magenta colored faux leather jacket for over a year and never wore it. I put it on with this look to see if it had an impact and I was amazed! I love how this addition of a bold color contrasted with the black and white stripes to make them pop! On top of that, I wore my Victoria’s Secret tote that happens to have a magenta lining and it elevated this look even more! When in doubt, resort to black and add a bold color to color block!

~Ashley Shante

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