Stylish in Sweats

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We all have those days when we are just not in the mood to get dressed, but we still want to look somewhat put together. As I said in multiple other posts, all black is my go-to when I am having one of these days. My favorite sweats are these ones here that have holes in them at the knee. A few different pairs I own have some sort of interesting design detail to them. Since it’s winter, I layer these by putting leggings underneath. Honestly, putting leggings or some sort of compression underneath sweats is more comfortable than wearing them alone. I usually grab any sweatshirt to complete the look and go about my day. However, I did want to put more thought into this look, so I found this graphic sweatshirt I bought years ago at Forever 21. There’s something about a black top with white writing that takes a simple look to the next level. Lastly, I decided to add a bold pop of color to complete this look. I recently bought this red puffer coat on sale and couldn’t wait to wear it! Red coats are everywhere and have been a huge trend this season. In addition, I found an old red scarf I had that matched the coat perfectly. Of course I had to wear my Vans- shoes that will never go out of style and you can wear will almost anything!


Affordable Red Puffer Coats:

  1. Forever 21:
  2. H&M:






Pretty in Pink…and Black and White

Facetune_04-02-2018-19-40-11Facetune_08-02-2018-19-01-57Facetune_08-02-2018-18-58-44Brunch is the perfect occasion to dress up and be bougie! My wardobe consists of mostly casual pieces, so I had to be creative with this look. I love this satin spaghetti strap top that I bought over the summer. It can be dressed up or down and it has a beautiful cut to it. These striped pants complemented the top so well that I knew I wanted to pair the two. But, it’s now winter and when wearing pieces that are more suitable for the warmer months, you must make the look season appropriate. I’ve had this magenta colored faux leather jacket for over a year and never wore it. I put it on with this look to see if it had an impact and I was amazed! I love how this addition of a bold color contrasted with the black and white stripes to make them pop! On top of that, I wore my Victoria’s Secret tote that happens to have a magenta lining and it elevated this look even more! When in doubt, resort to black and add a bold color to color block!

~Ashley Shante

Meet Nina Foster


Nina Foster is a 20-year old and third-year fashion merchandizing major attending Jefferson University. Her personal style is described as comfortable and cool. Foster’s favorite outfit by far is jeans with an oversized tee- tees are perfect for layering and oversized garments are a confidence booster because of their comfort. Athletic wear and Converses basically take all of the space in her closet. Although she gets made fun of by her family for wearing them, Foster cannot deny her love for ripped jeans! On the contrary, others have labeled Foster’s style as “edgy”; When describing one of her experiences, she stated, “I went through a choker phase…my roommate last year looked at me and said I looked like  a badass”. It’s safe to say that Foster is well aware of her personal style and embraces it despite of any criticism she may face because it’s what makes her feel her best. Besides, isn’t that what personal style is all about?

Grammys Worst Dressed: Pink


Pink appeared on the Grammys red carpet in a Armani Privé dress, or should I say nest?  While there may have been a great amount of hours put into this dress, it does not look haute couture.  It reads more like a Sweet 16 dress that you would find stuffed at the end of the clearance rack in a department store. The excessive amount of feathers are bulky and they make this gown look cheap. The silhouette makes Pink’s torso appear to be shorter than it actually is, and the fact that you cannot see her feet makes the proportion of the dress awful. Had this dress been all black, it may be more appealing and flattering- these colors seem a bit juvenile. On top of the feathers, the wide black belt is not helping the look either. It is being consumed by the large feathers, which makes it look like the dress is even more of a mess than it already is. This to me looks like a DIY craft project gone wrong!

Personal Style

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I would describe my personal style as comfortable, simple, and edgy. I usually wear neutrals and black is by far my favorite color to wear. Color is something I am definitely trying to add to my wardrobe to elevate my personal style. When I do wear color, it is usually just a pop of it and I tone it down with more neutral colors. I love statement pieces, such as jackets and graphic tees. Most of the time, I am wearing sneakers of some sort, but I do like to wear booties occasionally. My style is constantly evolving and it will continue to do so as I try to push myself out of my comfort zone and wear more prints and colors.

SAG Awards Best and Worst Dressed


24th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

This past Sunday was the SAG Awards, and some most looks on the Red Carpet were stunning, and some not so much. I was absolutely blown away this silver dress made by Ralph&Russo Couture, worn by Lupita Nyong’o. The dress fit her seamlessly- the sleek silhouette emphasizes her curves and the drama at the hem in contrast with the soft base is the icing on the cake! Not to mention, the tone of the dress complements her flawless skin so well, as would anything she puts on. It reminds me of liquid metal. Sparkles and gray can sometimes go wrong and look cheap and tacky. This, however, is a match made in heaven.




Maya Rudolph stormed the Red Carpet in the heavily embroidered dress made by Zac Posen. While I love the bold colors in contrast with the black background, the embroidery itself just does not do it for me. The silhouette overall could have been improved and taken in some places to be more flattering. The shape of the sleeves make her shoulders look round, slouched, and broad. This dress could have also done without the train- the drama is in  the intricate embroidery detail and the train is a little overkill. Lastly, the black trim to finish the hems does not mesh well with the embroidery. When there is so much surface design, there is no need for exaggerated silhouettes, such as the sleeves and train.

Shades of Gray


Hey loves! Welcome back or welcome if this is your first time reading my blog! As a fashion design major, I often struggle to find an outfit that is stylish, yet comfortable at the same time. Well, the day has come that I’ve found a happy medium! I wore a super comfy turtleneck sweater with black leggings that have mesh panels inserted. For shoes, I wore these Air Max Theas, which happen to have a little pop of color in them. Lastly, I wore this oversized coat and infinity scarf to add some color blocking- you guys know how much I love to color block! I was comfortable and warm all day. Now, my goal is to still push myself to wear more color, but my wardrobe has to change a lot in order for that to happen. Hopefully, it will be happening sooner than later! As for now, I am working with the pieces that I currently have and pairing them with some newer pieces. Change can be gradual- we often rush process and try to attain what’s at the end. I am learning that my wardrobe and personal style cannot change overnight and it is a constant work in progress.